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Families in the United Kingdom are facing the threat of financially crippling energy bills, The energy crisis is no fun. Sadly heating bills are becoming so high that today, 1000's of families in Britain are being forced to live in damp, cold conditions, or face the threat of financially crippling energy bills. At Union Jack Energy, we can’t stop the energy crisis right now. But we can help soften the blow for struggling families throughout the United Kingdom by offering a range of heating and insulation upgrades for your home which are 100% FREE and wont cost you a penny.

Free upgrades in 3 simple steps

Apply today for Free Heating and Insulation Grants from Union Jack Energy

Apply Today

To start the ball rolling you are going to need to apply, we have made it simple and we aim to give you an answer if you are eligible within 24 hours.

Home Energy Survey from Union Jack Energy

Home Energy Survey

If you are eligible the next step is to book you in for a 'Home Energy Survey' during this we look what heating and insulation upgrades would best suite your property.


Once the survey has taken place and everything is in order it's time to get the work carried out to your property, remember this is all carried out Free.